1. Eugene Kopich

    if to look at wordpress.org/support it seems like there is more than two bugs)


  2. Li-An

    Same here… Well, the theme bug is boring, I must admit.


  3. Central Geek

    My SOP, wait two weeks before updating to major WordPress release unless it’s a test site. Almost always works.


    • Miroslav Glavic

      I update manually (no auto-update) within 2-3 hours (6-9 hours if the update comes between midnight and 9am when I am sleeping).


  4. Tada Burke

    WordPress 4.5 added a singular class that many themes use

    Anyone wondering: the “singular” class is a CSS Class Selector, not a PHP class :)


  5. Zach Jenkins

    Has there been any news on the buggy new link editor or a plugin to revert back to the older functionality? I know from comments from here and from other sites that I’m not the only one effected by this but so far it seems to be completely ignored by those working on core.


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