1. Luan Nguyen Thanh

    WordPress 4.1.2. Update now.


  2. Keith Davis

    Still a few to go but sites are slowly auto updating.


  3. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    Cool, just discovered that I can change color scheme for admin with one click :) That red color is nice, have to set all sites now for this ;)
    Interesting is why there are two “update” buttons …


  4. Miroslav Glavić

    12 sites all updated in under 5 minutes (manually, I don’t do auto-updates). I like WordPress.

    also updating 3 plugins that all those sites have and still kept it under 5 minutes. :-)


  5. Alex

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the update. I think preventing the SQL injection vulnerability is a key update for WordPress. We saw a few months back one of the most popular plugins – Contact Form 7 go down because of vulnerabilities to do with this. I’m really pleased to see there is a new update which addresses issues like this.


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