1. Kevin Harter

    My teenage son and I like going to WordCamps together, but this may prevent him from going. He’d have to miss too much school.

    I imagine this will make it more difficult for the volunteers, too.


    • Luke Gedeon

      Most schools allow time off for trips – like band, football, college visits, and technical education. It requires extra paperwork, but after you figure it out the first time, it opens the door for many opportunities.


  2. Andreas Lopez

    This is the worst kind of change for WordCamp US I have seen in a good while.

    #1 Keep it on the weekend. For us full-time workers it’s just too much to take 4, or even 5 whole days off (1 day travel there, 1 day travel back + 3 days attendance).

    #2 Still too close to Halloween – there are many events and celebrations before halloween in many cities, why can’t we just have it in September when there are no celebrations in the United States? Or simply have it in the first or second week of October.

    #3 ‘Nice Change for many’ who are these ‘many’? Pretty much only people getting paid from their companies to attend, so that their company doesn’t have to pay Overtime for weekend work?

    Hope it reverses back to a weekend schedule for 2021.


  3. Joe Shift

    This is a great change. For a long time I’ve been hoping WP would evolve in this area.

    Every conference I attend during the year takes place on weekdays, with exception of WordCamps. Weekday events are way more convenient, and they don’t take away the weekend.

    I’m sure 2020 will be a test year for this, and I think folks who are unsure about the change will find they prefer it to having their weekend eaten up, only to return to work blurry eyed on Monday.


  4. Rahi

    Hi Justin ,
    Genuinely it is great change. My father loves to go to WordCamps. It might stop him from going because he is so sick.


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