1. Marcus Tibesar

    WCEU 2020 can do, but WCUS 2020 can’t do. Hmmm…


  2. Teresa Rosche Ott

    While I’m disappointed that WCUS was cancelled, I applaud the team’s decision against moving forward with it as a virtual event.

    Most days I love sitting quietly behind the keyboard, and conference crowds are a distant third or fourth (at least) on my list of ways to experience the WordPress community.

    However, there’s unquantifiable magic in in-person events that even the most well-planned virtual event can’t replicate. I go, soak it all in, and return with a beautiful case of info & social networking overload.

    There’s been a tendency throughout this pandemic for people to think that they can simply switch their event or services to virtual, whether they have the experience/resources or not.

    I’ve no doubt that a WCUS team could put on as good a virtual event as any. So it’s refreshing to see that – unlike the rest of the internet – this year’s team isn’t kidding themselves about the benefits of a virtual WC.

    I’m mentally drained by the proliferation of Zoom meetings, virtual events and screen time that generally gives back little of what I invest.

    Kudos to the 2020 WCUS team for recognizing that we are all tired of so much right now, and that even the best planned virtual WCUS would likely be met with at best a lukewarm response.

    Best to save their remaining energy for another time. Hopefully next year.


  3. ViriVR

    This is actually very terrible. I really wanted to see how it all works there and finally take part in it. It would be very important to finally have all these activities live, as they would help a little distract and come to oneself. But unfortunately this will not happen yet. And the organizers can be understood. It is not clear whether it will pay off or not.


  4. Heather Myronyk

    Thank you to everyone who tried to continue to plan WordCamp US despite all the challenges going on. Organizing things takes a lot more energy and time than people realize and I am glad you are now taking the time for yourself and your life. I have been fortunate and honored to have attended 3 US WordCamps and fully understand why you are not hosting one this year. Best wishes to all of you who tried on our behalf, we appreciate your effort and care.


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