1. Eric Johnson (@wormeyman)

    Did they ever launch the GitHub support that Matt talked about in his keynote?


  2. Jeff Chandler

    Well, at least we finally know what’s going on with WordCamp US. I doubt we’ll see it happen this year though.


  3. kalenjohnson86

    That’s correct. The last pull request was 14 days ago and it was closed as the Github repository is still “just a mirror”



  4. mor10

    I nominate Miami. They did a bang up job last weekend. Also, I still think it should be “WordCamp North America” so Canada can get an opportunity to host as well.


  5. Steve Burge (@stevejburge)

    One interesting point here is that WordCamp US should prove a motivating factor to make the WordPress Foundation a much more serious endeavor.

    DrupalCons normally host 3,000 people and that requires a team of around a dozen from the Drupal Association working year-round to host the event.

    We got sponsorship pitches in July 2014 for the event just finished in Los Angeles.

    Hosting 2,000 people is a job for pros.


    • mor10

      +1 to that. There should be an official WordPress Conference, and it should be a “proper” conference on the same organizational level as say An Event Apart. WordPress is the big leagues, and we need to start bringing at least one of our official conferences up to that level.


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