1. Julio Potier


    Many thanks Jenny for this awesome compliment, now, i’m on wptavern.com, wow :O

    See you on the next WCamp!


  2. Caspar Hübinger

    Wow, thanks Jenny and Sarah for the mention! I’m still humbled by the way the folks at WordCamp Paris welcomed their international guests and speakers. Looks like not only the French WordPress community has been united, but the torch from WordCamp Europe 2013 has been carried on—and certainly will be all through this year.


  3. Jenny Beaumont

    Just calling it like I see it, guys – all the credit goes to you for a job well done. Many thanks, Sarah, for the opportunity to share with your readers. Next stop, WordCamp Zürich! *hope hope*


    • Julio Potier

      Thanks again, and thanks Sara for this window on WPTavern, i’m proud to be named here. Nest stop WCZin May? Why not why not, i’ll try to do a workshop again :)
      And someone told me “maybe something in France, before 2015” #tease :)


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  6. Stephanie Riggs

    WordPress is the CMS has great values from bloggers’ point of view because it is quite easy to optimize website by just installing plugin and putting necessary information. I think the French WP community is growing but WP all over the world is growing. Its sounds pretty good to read your post about WP progress in French :)


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