1. Julius Solaris

    It was quite an amazing event. I was very impressed by the quality of the talks (at least the ones I got to attend as we were exhibiting) and by the vibe of the attendees.

    It is remarkable what the WP foundation has been able to achieve with a very low entry point price for the ticket and resulting quality of attendance. Most events charge incredible amount of money for tickets but the show floor is usually disjunct and poor in motivation.

    WordCamps prove that with a strong community you can run successful events that educate while keeping sponsors and organizers happy with the results.


  2. Jeff Chandler

    Great recap. Your photo showing people sitting on the floor to learn about the WP REST API has been repeated at the US based WordCamps I’ve attended this year. Between the REST API and WordPress Security, the rooms are packed with standing/sitting room only. Hopefully, WordCamp Organizers can pick up on this and schedule those sessions to take place in the largest rooms they have available.


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