1. Jeroen Rotty

    It was just amazing! Glad I was there!


  2. Jason King

    It was a good WCEU, enjoyed the sessions and the networking, and the all-important swag was well up to standard. But choosing Paris made it expensive to visit and noticeably stretched the event’s budget. It meant long distances to travel between the main venue and the parties. Was that a factor in the lower turnout?

    In future could we avoid expensive capital cities?


  3. Kaushik Das

    Please send me a video link by which we can understand, what actually happened there. I am a Wp enthusiast and working in wp for a past couple of years. I am not so well off to get down at EU and attain the seminar but I have tremendous interest to see it.
    Please provide some video link for the seminar. It will make my day.


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