1. Jono

    Couldn’t agree more. You should get a badge for this. And I should get one for commenting.


  2. Nick Croft

    I think it is worth discussing what the purpose of a badge is.

    It seems to be part recognition but also part gamification. That is, getting a badge encourages participation by rewarding participation.

    Rewarding entry level behavior can increase participation.

    register for WP.org account
    attend a meetup
    answer question in the forums
    attend a WordCamp
    participate in a help session

    People all start somewhere and having more, small rewards can lead to more and more participation.

    Updating the badges to reflect levels can also help with this.

    Tldr; I agree.


  3. Tony Zeoli

    I’m for the ideas you’re putting forward here, Justin.

    I think you should get a badge as an “Attendee.” Why not? I like the multiple times attendee badge idea, as well. And, from each WordCamp you’ve attended. Makes sense.

    Speaker badges could be split into Session Speakers, Training Speakers (for 3-hour trainings – which I’ve done) and Lightning Speakers.


  4. steve stern

    Attendees get t-shirts.


  5. Otto

    I don’t like badges. I think they should never have been introduced, and I think we should eliminate them.

    Seriously. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong. By all means, I would love to understand the other side.


    • Tony Zeoli

      Otto, can you lay out your reasoning?


    • Jake Spurlock

      Says the guy with every badge… ;)


    • Christopher Maxwell #BLM

      It’s similar to white privilege, the more badges you gave, the more “status” and “privilege” you have. It’s too elitist and non-egalitarian. In my opinion everyone should be treated equally and having badges is just another class/status division in our society that we replicate in the virtual world. Abolish division! We are all one!


      • Justin Tadlock

        Elitist for having some fun badges that represent accomplishments that are available to anyone in our community? Sorry, I don’t buy it.

        While everyone should be treated equally, given the same respect and dignity, and provided with the same opportunities, not everyone is equal in all respects. We should celebrate our differences and accomplishments. There’s nothing elitist about saying someone is a part of the Docs Team or awarding a fun badge to someone for answering their first support question.


  6. Isabel

    Some badges are earned by people being paid money to work on WordPress.org. Should they be given the same badge as someone who volunteers free time?


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