1. Jono
    · Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. You should get a badge for this. And I should get one for commenting.


  2. Nick Croft
    · Reply

    I think it is worth discussing what the purpose of a badge is.

    It seems to be part recognition but also part gamification. That is, getting a badge encourages participation by rewarding participation.

    Rewarding entry level behavior can increase participation.

    register for WP.org account
    attend a meetup
    answer question in the forums
    attend a WordCamp
    participate in a help session

    People all start somewhere and having more, small rewards can lead to more and more participation.

    Updating the badges to reflect levels can also help with this.

    Tldr; I agree.


  3. Tony Zeoli
    · Reply

    I’m for the ideas you’re putting forward here, Justin.

    I think you should get a badge as an “Attendee.” Why not? I like the multiple times attendee badge idea, as well. And, from each WordCamp you’ve attended. Makes sense.

    Speaker badges could be split into Session Speakers, Training Speakers (for 3-hour trainings – which I’ve done) and Lightning Speakers.


  4. steve stern
    · Reply

    Attendees get t-shirts.


  5. Otto
    · Reply

    I don’t like badges. I think they should never have been introduced, and I think we should eliminate them.

    Seriously. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong. By all means, I would love to understand the other side.


  6. Isabel
    · Reply

    Some badges are earned by people being paid money to work on WordPress.org. Should they be given the same badge as someone who volunteers free time?


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