1. Jesse

    HUGE news… congrats to WooCommerce and well done by Automattic on a rather smooth transition on top of steady growth.


  2. Vyse Gonzo

    Congrats to Automattic and the people behind the woocommerce. Keep up the good work guys.


  3. Amir Helzer

    Impressive numbers!


  4. Miles Gilmour

    That is pretty amazing news – we’ve been thoroughly impressed with WooCommerce when we’ve used it on some small business ecommerce sites, the extensibility is awesome… if the client asks for a feature there seems to always be a plugin in existence to deliver it.


  5. Chuck

    The guys have really done a great job with WooCommerce. Instead of becoming more bloated instead they are slimming it down and improving performance which is always a concern with an online store.

    I recently did some load testing of WooCommerce and the results were not what most would imagine. It is extremely fast and light, you can see that here:


    Obviously this is a best case scenario and one people start packing it full of plugins, bloated themes etc it will slow down. But a good idea of what it is capable of.

    2017 should be a huge year for WooCommerce!


  6. Jermaine Holmes

    I’m impressed by how well WooCommerce has evolved since using prior to the Automattic acquisition. If the platform can have integration with ChannelAdvisor, that would be icing on the already beautiful WP cake! :)


    • Steve

      Can you explain what you mean by channel advisor? thanks.


    • Jermaine Holmes

      Sorry, I was thinking backwards. If ChannelAdvisor was able to integrate with WooCommerce, that would be icing on the cake! From taking a look at the Woo API there shouldn’t be an issue on that front.


  7. Leon Cooper

    Woocomeerce continues to excite me with its consistent innovations in the eCommerce market I have yet to find a reason to migrate to anything else!! #woocommerce #


  8. Zac

    Well, guess I should invest some time into learning WooCommerce..,


  9. Tony Zeoli

    Yep, I’m pretty happy with WooCommerce. I’ve started working with this tremendous Ecommerce platform recently for some of my clients and it’s been a great experience, so far.

    It is a very powerful gateway to giving people the ability to manage their own online experiences. So many turn to Etsy or Amazon to sell products. While those services have their benefits, business owners think launching an Etsy or Amazon shop will derive immediate benefits in terms of customer acquisition, but that is not the case. Business owners must still market their online stores, no matter where they happen to be.

    The benefit over Etsy and Amazon is that your own WooCommerce powered shop keeps you in control of how you sell, what you sell. The rules don’t change when you own your shop. Having ultimate control over your products and shopping experience is critical. When you combine WordPress and WooCommerce, you keep that control. Plus, why drive traffic to Etsy and Amazon? That does nothing for your long term strategy and only pushes your customers into those environments, where they can find other sellers and just maybe not order from you in the first place!

    Yes, it may be more expensive to hire a designer to stylistically design your WooCommerce shop and a developer to implement, but one can get away with simply launching WooCommerce on their base Ecommerce theme, Storefront, and have a shop up and running in minutes with no developers and limited effort. I just did this for my client, https://copperrivertrading.com, who now has a simple storefront and was able to sell products this Christmas season.

    One interesting plugin I found for another client gives the seller the ability to set a local pickup location. This is great for orders that can ship nationally, but can also be picked up locally.


  10. Jim

    Not totally surprising, but that’s a huge jump in usage in 2016. Hoping to see more good things from WooCommerce and the Automattic team in 2017.


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