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  1. Tevya
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    I appreciate and respect the WooCommerce team. However, this “partnership” seems to be more of just a PR move, with no actual substance. The Square payment gateway extension plugin had existed for years. And Square had offered these CBD-focused accounts and pricing for many months. It’s almost like the WC PR team realized “we should probably highlight the fact that this makes WooCommerce CBD-friendly.” Which is totally fine. But they should have just said that, instead of claiming a “partnership” that usually implies some kind of new functionality or value to users.

    Even in this article Justin, it feels like you also struggled to identify the actual substance in this announcement. The WooCommerce Twitter manager(s) also seem to struggle with explaining it, when I asked about it here: https://twitter.com/tevyaw/status/1228708675449245696?s=19


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