1. Devin Walker

    I would love to see a return of in-person WordCamps! There’s something invaluable about meeting with your peers, learning, networking, and having a great time together. However, as someone who has organized several WordCamps, Covid has presented a huge additional obstacle to overcome.

    Organizing WordCamps is a hard job. You’re volunteering for an often thankless and stressful endeavor. Throw in Covid and now what? I think you’ll see a lot of WordCamps that once existed will no longer have the volunteer base to see it through. I hope I’m wrong though… returning to “normal” won’t be easy but if we don’t try we don’t ever get there.


  2. Charlie

    I don’t see why this is so complicated. If large, indoor gatherings are legal in the host country, then WordCamps should go ahead with no extra restrictions beyond those prescribed by the local law. People can then decide to attend or not.


  3. Laura Byrne

    I think it very much depends where you are. New Zealand could likely do in-person events this year while other locations would struggle with capacity limits just for starters (it’s not only capacity in total but capacity and distancing in breakout sessions and cleaning in between)

    I volunteer with a local performing arts organization, we aren’t going to do an in-person event until 2022 because of the capacity limits, enforcing mask requirements and distancing, and other things that fall to volunteers. We already have people who won’t mask up at the grocery store and harass employees, now some poor volunteer has to deal with them? We rely on and like our volunteers too much to do that to them.

    I think there’s an ROI to be considered here, but let’s talk beyond money and call it a ROHI—return on human investment. The event is only worth it if it’s not overly burdensome and stressful on the volunteers organizing, running, attending. I’m not sure that’s going to be true (in the US at least) until late 2021 at the earliest


  4. Otto

    I do miss traveling to see my friends in the community, and missing the opportunities to meet new ones. I hope we can get back to it soon, but the challenge is real.

    Let’s all be understanding and patient with the changes and try to get back to the state where we can say hi to each other in person once again.

    Also, get vaccinated. That’ll help immensely.


  5. Dean Paxton

    Personally speaking, I feel it is too early to consider in-person events. This is far from over and we have not nearly reached a critical mass of vaccinated people to make this a safe proposal.


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