1. Nate

    Does anyone know how long the Classic editor will continue to be supported? While I like the idea behind Gutenberg, the sites I manage don’t have a need for it as we use a lot of CPT and custom fields for the structured content we manage.


    • richard Ginn

      I say it has to be supported for a few more years at least. Gutenberg just does not have the functionality of top of the line page builders like DIVI and Elementor.

      That will take at least one year plus for the Gutenberg team to give us.

      Also we have many FREE plugins that do exist to enable the classic editor and bypass Gutenberg.


    • Justin Tadlock

      The current timeline is through the remainder of 2021 for the Classic Editor plugin. At that point, the team will reevaluate based on usage. Given its current active install count, I imagine that they will extend that date.

      It’s also important to note that if/when official support drops, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the classic experience will disappear altogether. It could mean that the classic editor code is removed from core WordPress and ported entirely into the official plugin. We really don’t know what it will look like at that time yet. There really isn’t a big (or even a small) push to remove classic support right now.


  2. Paul Gilzow
  3. Seth Goldstein

    Honestly, when Gutenberg first came out, I was on the fence and still used the Classic Editor. But now that Gutenberg/Block Editor is maturing, I think it’s time that we all get on the same page and make the switch this December.


  4. Wil

    This “blockification” of WordPress seems to be consuming all the resources for the core team. It’s like they are trying to hammer a square “block” problem into a round hole.
    Navigation must be blockified!
    Widgets must be blockified!
    Media manager will be bockified!
    Long live blocks!!!
    Most of my clients hate the block editor and prefer using the Classic Editor for its simplicity.
    I don’t understand why the whole of the WordPress UI needs to be blocks?
    Also – where is the same effort in refactoring the old code-base to use OO code, frameworks, speed and efficiency?


  5. Klokie

    So what was the final go/no-go decision?

    Will FSE be included in the WordPress 5.8 release?


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