1. David Bisset

    Those involved with WordCamp Detroit should be applauded for putting the attendees first. Although i’ve been fortunate enough not to completely cancel an event, I’ve had to delay WordCamp Miami 2013. Our typical time was February and we pushed it to April. Doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but it was still a tough choice at the time based on what decisions were already made. I might throw that experience in a blog post someday.

    Another good point – very few people know what it takes to run an overall WordCamp event. I speak from experience. Volunteers and co-organizers are key, and you can never have enough of them. If you want to be a huge help to your local WordPress community, consider volunteering or co-organizing.

    In any case, I can’t wait to hear Detroit’s new dates.


  2. James Mowery

    Having talked privately to some folks who have organized WordCamps… I know they go through hell to make those events a success. It’s unfortunate that a WC was cancelled. But, on the positive side, hopefully it means 2014 will be stronger!


  3. donnacha of WordSkill

    My commiserations to everyone involved, it must be horribly dispiriting.

    Here’s to WordCamp Detroit 2014, hopefully Detroit will still exist at that point.


  4. Jeffro

    @David Bisset – Like I said in the post, any WordCamp organizer I’ve ever talked to said that putting on the event was tough work, and it seemed to get harder the closer it got to the event.

    @James Mowery – I hope this means WC Detroit 2014 is THE WordCamp of the year to go to :)

    @donnacha of WordSkill – Man. I got a chuckle of that but in all seriousness, what do you call WordCamp Detroit if there is no more Detroit? Sounds like a bad joke :P


  5. Dee Teal

    A huge round of applause for making this courageous decision!

    Having been behind a couple of WordCamps as well as other WP events, I know what it takes to pull off an awesome event. A great team is crucial, planning, equally so, and doing it around one’s own business and life/family commitments it isn’t for the faint of heart. Sure, disappointing that it’s not going ahead, but better all round for WordCamps, in general, and specifically for WordCamp Detroit! Good luck for next year!


  6. Patrick in Michigan

    That’s too bad. :(

    I would have loved to come check it out.

    It’s too bad that the guys at Automattic couldn’t put something together. I’d love to come to it.

    It really ought to be free. Let Automattic underwrite it! It isn’t like they don’t have any money.

    Some people need to realize that not every blogger is rolling in cash. In fact, I haven’t worked since 2005. I went yesterday to see if I could get a refresher, so I could actually use my CDL-A again. I was told, “Sorry, but you used us once… lots of luck.” so, as it stands. I don’t know what I am going to do about getting a job. :(

    anyhow, just my two cents.



  7. Patrick in Michigan

    @donnacha of WordSkill

    Detroit will survive. Progressives cannot kill it.


  8. Elizabeth

    I’d like to go to WordCamp 2014 in Detroit!


  9. Jeffro

    @Patrick in Michigan – Automattic occasionally sponsors WordCamps but they are not involved with organizing, planning, or putting on WordCamps. That’s what the WordPress Foundation and WordCamp Central are for. In fact, one of the Foundations missions was to help fund WordCamp events.



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