1. Amy Lane

    I’m thankful because I literally wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the support of the WordPress community.


  2. Luke Cavanagh

    Thankful to be able to use WordPress at work. As well as being able to learn new things everyday.


  3. Saud Razzak

    I am #Thankful4WP because it gave me the opportunity to conduct the interviews of some of the best WordPress community experts. A few months ago I conducted an interview with #heyadamsilver and it was a great experience.


  4. David Decker

    I am SOOO THANKFUL that WordPress is powering my business for 10 years now (since fall of 2006, oh man how time goes by), yeah!

    It’s so flexible and powerful and a true showcase of what Open Source can do in the modern digital lifestyle…!

    Thank you, WordPress, thank you WordPress community!


  5. Guido

    Thankful because WordPress became my most important hobby. And thankful because of the nice and helpful people I have met online.


  6. Destination Infinity

    I am thankful for WordPress because it enabled me to transition a hobby into business. WordPress gave me a unique identity as an online publisher.


  7. Debbie

    I’m thankful I picked WordPress back in 2009 when I was deciding which CMS to specialize in. And, thankful that I’ve been able to make a business out of doing something I love.


  8. Collins Agbonghama

    I am thankful for WordPress because without it, i would have been homeless or even dead. Building a WordPress plugin business changed my life. For that, am grateful.


  9. Rune Garmann

    I am thankful for WordPress because it gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts in a way that I want them to be expressed.


  10. Kyle Maurer

    I’m pretty thankful for Jeff Chandler and Sarah Gooding. You guys do an amazing job informing us about everything that matters and is happening in our community. The Tavern is such a quality resource and I value it, as well as WP Weekly, very highly. Keep up the amazing work you guys!


  11. Ed

    Great catchy idea :) As a coder now into my 10th year of coding – I am thankful to WordPress top notch coders for sharing the poetry that is WP code. WP coding work took me from noob to a fairly decent coder just by studying the “how” of it and not so much the “why” of it. And WP Tavern kicks butt too. :)

    Jeez almost left out the most important thing about WP – state of mind. Yeah we all have our ups and downs, but what is so cool about WP is the overall “upbeat” mentality “of yeah let’s do some cool stuff”. ;)


  12. Chris Howard

    The friendships I’ve made because through made my development and support of sites and plugins for it. Some of the folks I’ve provided support for have even become long term friends.

    I’ve got the best clients and customers in the world!

    And of course, it’s given me a livelihood that has allowed me the flexibility I needed.


  13. single dad

    Because I’ve made some websites for a little bit of money and that money has saved me from financial distress in a time I was really struggling.


  14. suzee

    The Tavern is such a quality resource and I value it, as well as WP Weekly, very highly.thankful because of the nice and helpful people I have met online.


  15. Jez

    Thankful that we have a great platform to launch a thousand websites from each which can be tweaked to suit requirements.


  16. Andrew Jackson

    At age 73, I’m not exactly a techie whiz kid. I did learn the basics of HTML in the 1990s, but didn’t progress much beyond that. Now retired and an amateur musician, WP has allowed me to build and maintain a site for my fellow traditional musicians, the North Atlantic Tune List.

    To my amazement, thanks to the Google Analytics plugin, I’m just learning that the site, which I conceived as of mostly local interest, is seeing almost 400 unique users from 32 countries, more than half of whom found the site through organic searches.

    So thank you, WordPress!


  17. Ozark Matt

    Over a century ago, a relative of mine published a German language newspaper distributed daily by horse and buggy down cobblestone lined streets of Saint Louis, Missouri.

    The internet and things like WordPress are the newspaper of today.

    My digital contributions to sunshinedaydreamers.com carry on a family tradition.

    Ozark Matt


  18. Robby

    I’m very thankful for the community. It gets harder and harder to make new friends as we get older and I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people through WordPress. It’s a great community and there’s always that shared interest to kick off a conversation.


  19. Matthew Cain

    I’m thankful for WordPress because it shows us what heights a community of dedicated and like-minded people can achieve!


  20. Dave

    I was a web developer several years back that used Microsofts Expression Web and its associated programs. When MS pulled the rug out from under it I started looking around for another product that I could afford. 75% of my web site are for charity organizations so I don’t charge anything other than domain name and hosting cost. I was going to give up this because I didn’t want to learn micorsofts alternative using ASPX.

    A friend introduced me to WordPress 4 or 5 years ago. I now have all of the web sites (56) converted over to WordPress and through some other vendors have been able to reduce the cost to my charities to less than $75 a year.



  21. Angela Beasley

    I am thankful for WordPress because it helps us easily manage all of our clients websites.


  22. David

    for the full time gig.
    for a cool hobby.
    for new features every updates.
    for the bug fixes.
    and for occasional drama.



  23. Aakanksha

    I am thankful for WordPress because of it’s simplicity, ease of use, availability of great resources (check out my website http://www.thetechpower.com for wordpress tutorials ?) and lastly it is open source software.


  24. Michael Fournier

    Being in advertising/communications for many years, I’ve experienced a few disruptive technologies. So much so, we reorganized our small business for change. MightyWrite was born. Great, let’s have some fun writing for business. But, in time I started to miss being a graphic designer. I have to admit, I’d become distracted with building a house, neglecting innovations in the online world that effected the core of our previous decade old business. So when a new client asked me to make changes to their website a few years ago, I logged into something completely new! Wow, this is cool. I discovered WordPress.

    Ever since I’ve studied WordPress and have come to appreciate how thankful I am to have embraced it. Recently, I attended WordCamp Winnipeg 2016, and through the experience of those more involved with WordPress gained many new insights on “what is” WordPress. It’s an open source community project which encourages development contributions from many talented individuals to improve it everyday. Nice. The event, organized by a group of dedicated local volunteers, provided a great lineup of presenters who lent their knowledge freely so all could learn where to start, what technologies were required, and where to find out more. The final presenter of the day reminded us of the original intent of WordPress – blogging, and encouraged we continue to share freely without prejudice or judgement. Nicer.

    WordPress came along just in time for me. Sure the competition has increased, but markets have grown. It’s the wild, wild, web open to all who want to venture into it and find riches that get beyond just the monetary. Thank You WordPress and WordPress Community


  25. Rachael Wahu

    I am thankful for wordpress because I have a new career and it has opened up a lot of connections and opportunities.

    I now work at Legibra, a company that customizes wordpress themes to make beautiful websites and I have never been more happy.


  26. Adriana

    Short story. I have food on my table. So yeah thanks WP.


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