1. Alec

    Interesting directives.

    Not sure about the 20% part. Could you just lend me 20% of your computer to type on? I’d like 20% of your telephone to call my sister.

    It would be better if whole applications were released as open source than bits and pieces of different projects. At least a discussion has been started about the role of government in making code paid for by the public available to the public.


  2. Weston Ruter

    Hi Nacin.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    The USA is fast becoming the model for how to reform government IT. Hopefully other countries follow track soon.


    • mark k.

      If your government IT is that dysfunctional you need to go public in order to figure out a ways to make all parties cooperate with each other, then open source and git are not your most important problems.

      To be fair the US government structure is probably very unique and probably not really comparable to other countries.

      It is not even the first time US government got into open source, IIRC SELinux is/was sponsored by the NSA and so was TOR.


  4. Ben Huson

    UK government doing quite well too ;)


  5. Joshua Alexander

    Sharing 20% of the code because Healthcare.gov was so successful we should use that same model for private sector. Please tell me they are kidding. The government would benefit more if they used 20% of the current open source programs from the private sector to use for the government.


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