1. Ben Cook

    I would also encourage everyone to read the comments and Tweets Matt made prior to the interview on mixology. Matt has criticized the way people frame or present their arguments countless times even if they are right in their critiques. Apparently Matt doesn’t hold himself to the standard of being professional in his disagreements or bothering to back up his claims.


  2. Not Matt

    Ben, you need to get laid.


  3. Chip Bennett

    @Matt – I don’t intend to attack (or pile on) here, but I have to comment. This response:

    Ben, you need to get laid.

    Reminds me of this Tweet by Ryan Duff:

    @chip_bennett Seriously, what bug crawled up your ass? Are you unhappy in your marriage or something? You complain about everything

    I’m just going to keep these two comments in my back pocket, for the next time that someone admonishes about not making personal attacks.

    Seriously, Matt, such responses are beneath you. Just IMHO, you owe it to the project and community that you lead, to maintain a higher sense of decorum that what is evidenced by this and other similar comments.


  4. hakre

    I’d like to have Genesis on wordpress.com :D


  5. Brian Richards

    Is it possible that’s a spoof comment? All you need to comment as someone else is to know their email address. Right?


  6. Matt (not)

    Proof of concept


  7. Carl Hancock

    I’d like to think it’s spoofed, but for some reason I don’t think it is.


  8. Chip Bennett

    @Brian Richards – to be honest, Brian, I did have the same thought. Matt’s details aren’t exactly secret.


  9. Ben Cook

    @Matt – You need to see a picture of my wife. I do just fine thanks :D

    @Carl Hancock – If it’s spoofed, it holds amazingly well to his recent pattern of behavior.


  10. Jeffro

    I’ve been able to determine that the comment was spoofed and is not from Matt so I’ve edited the comment to change the comment author to Not Matt.


  11. Chip Bennett

    @Jeffro – thanks, Jeff!

    (Let me guess: the IP address was from somewhere other than Montreal?)

    @ the real Matt: I’m glad to know that the comment was indeed so beneath you, that it wasn’t even you that left it. :)


  12. Chip Bennett

    Oh, and it would be awesome if we could figure out the identity of the imposter. Whoever he is, he deserves public ridicule and scorn.


  13. Carl Hancock

    That’s good to hear. Given the events of this week, NOTHING would surprise me anymore.


  14. Doug Stewart

    If only Automattic offered some plugin/service where commenters were verified and had a reputation that followed them from site to site*.



  15. WordPress, Thesis, et la licence GPL | WordPress Francophone

    […] froid avec Matt à ce sujet, au sein de son interview mensuelle “Where’s Matt?” Ecoutez-là […]


  16. Jeffro

    @Doug Stewart – lol is that a hint?


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