1. tekzt

    i don´t think matt forgot about it, but it´s just a project that probably doesn´t need that much attention. he mentioned in the blog posts that he worked together with the services like technorati and bloglines and probably he talked to the other guys as well, so the only part on the development side of pingomatic probably is implementing stuff that the services send to him when they´re changing their process. probably that stuff comes already coded from the services, so it could be that “development” is just a copy+paste job on matt´s part. Of course i could be completly wrong with that, but that´s how i would do it hehe.

    So yeah, the blog made sense when pingomatic was developed and when it still was having troubles, but right now there´s probably no need for it. i also don´t believe that there are actually many people who really visit the site since it´s the standard service already built in in wordpress. i can´t remember how it was in 2006. Was pingomatic also already built in or did you have to go to the site to get your pings out? i didn´t start to use any pinging service until 2007.

    Today i use pingomatic by default, i´m a lazy guy and if there´s a service that helps me saving time, i´m very thankful for it… even if their blog is updated less frequently than my own :D


  2. Chip Bennett

    I’ve had WP install setup to use Ping-O-Matic for a long time, but I don’t think it’s worked (properly) in ages. Some sites (Technorati, etc.) just don’t get updated via Ping-O-Matic, although the settings appear to be correct (maybe it’s an issue with Technorati’s RPC?).

    It’s still in my Update Services settings, but I may go back to setting up pings for individual services.


  3. Jeffro

    @tekzt – You’re correct. Most of the development for the service was centered around getting the Ping service to work as quickly as possible since at one point in time, sending out the pings became the slowest point in actually publishing a blog post. I think the Ping-O-Matic website is just a sign of what was. I was thinking about the site just disappearing while leaving the service available to use through the RPC link but then, people outside of WordPress would not be able to easily use the service which is probably why the site is still online.

    @Chip Bennett – When I submitted my sites on the Ping-O-Matic site, all of the pings were sent just fine although I don’t have any details as to whether or not the sites received the ping update.

    Do you guys know if your blog sends out pings if you simply update a post?


  4. Ryan

    @Jeffro I don’t think most blogs send out pings when posts get updated.

    Perhaps Auttomatic had to donate resources to pingomatic so that it could handle the traffic from WordPress.com?


  5. tekzt

    @ryan: i think pingomatics url is just a redirection and runs on the same servers as wordpress.com.. how come? blog.pingomatic.com actually is a wordpress.com blog. i know, that doesn´t mean anything and could just be for that subdomain, but like i said “i think”, that doesn´t mean i know anything at all lol.

    Like Jeff already quoted in the post, it shares some folks with automattic and probably they just do not label it as official automattic project because they didn´t want to make it seem like this is to push wordpress, which was probably the intention of this project – to make wordpress blogs more visible to the public – which of course for us is a good thing. I don´t know much about automattic, but i know about marketing. Whatever it is, i believe they just do not want to work with other companies officialy, so they started a new company for that.

    i think pingomatic is also a big part why wordpress pages already get good SEO rankings and are indexed very fast without doing much about it. Many people use it without even noticing it.

    just had another idea: could the antitrust agency be an issue when automattic teams up with let´s say technorati? i know it could be in europe, but don´t know about the US.


  6. iRonnie

    i think that by default, WordPress uses Pingomatic. Notice that it is included in the Settings > Writing section of the dashboard.


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  8. JellyBeen

    I get the green block of goodness?! on the stats page as well.


  9. Unhealed

    Still looks like the stats are broke & this is May.


  10. Baby Clothing Central

    I’m still confused. I’ve got a new blog, running for about a week. Using the latest version of wordpress. Each time I make a new post am I meant to go to ping-o-matic and fill in the form, or, does wordpress automatically ping all those services when I click on publish post?



  11. Jan Clizer

    Every time I try to use Ping-o-Matic, a page comes up saying slow down….I’ve already sent out pings within a few minutes, which I havn’t…..I use google blogger…..does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? It was great when it worked……I also get a blank on the stats page…..interesting…..


  12. Linda

    @Jan Clizer

    That happened to me, when I send an update, i go back to the home page and then close the page down – that seems to help!


  13. Giulio Pons

    Here is a php function that lets you ping pingomatic service automatically. You can make a script to post to pingomatic your feed and then call it every night with cron job.


  14. Lewis

    I myself prefer using Feed Shark as it’s the only ping service that doesn’t give me any errors. Ping-o-Matic on the other hand keeps telling me to “slow down”, even if I haven’t used it for months!

    For those of you who are interested: Feed Shark

    Hope this helps!


  15. Carroll

    Good Morning:

    I am new and clueless, so I appreciate your help.

    What does one do to add another separate blog to Pingomatic? When I click the Pingomatic link to add a second blog, the first blog I initially added comes back up on the screen although I have exited Pingomatic.

    Thank you.


  16. Amr Boghdady

    I’ve always used Ping-o-matic to submit my new blog posts, within a few hours, I would find that Google has already indexed them!
    So it’s definitely recommended


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