1. Guido Pettinari

    Thank you for this interesting article!

    At my web agency we use WPML but are not too happy with it, mainly because of the way the plugin is coded which makes it cumbersome and bug-prone.

    When we tried WeGlot we were amazed by its ease of use and speed: a whole another world compared to WPML!

    In the end, however, we chose to stick to WPML, mainly for two reasons:

    1) It would be difficult to explain to our clients that their precious websites would rely on machine-generated translations.
    2) We were not comfortable with the idea of relying on a SaaS for our translations. What if WeGlot went down, bankrupt or maybe just doubled prices? In any of these cases we would need to move away from WeGlot and thus lose all of our translations.

    So, we sticked to WPML, which breaks our websites every other update, but so far is the best solution for our needs.



    • Andreas Nurbo

      Not to mention what guarantee do you have that the meaning and intent of the original string is actually translated correctly. That I think should be of concern if you use it for your business.


    • Remy B

      Hi Guido and Andreas,

      Actually, Weglot doesn’t offer only automatic translations. And indeed if it were it would be a problem for ensuring quality.
      But actually, Weglot offers manual and automatic translations. You chose.
      Moreover, if you don’t want to translate manually yourself, you can order professional translations directly in the platform.


  2. Richard

    In addition to some negatives mentioned in previous comments I think the page view limits are small for what they are charging.

    It becomes pretty expensive for sites with good traffic because of small (IMHO) page view limits.


    • Cristian Antohe

      TranslatePress has a similar interface with Weglot and is not a SaaS. So no more page limits or word limits. The limits do come however with the number of languages, so you’ll need a pro version if you want to translate in more then two.

      It also has support for some advanced features like gettext fields (if they exist they get populated) and ajax loaded strings out of the box if you have a more complex site. https://wordpress.org/plugins/translatepress-multilingual/


  3. James

    It is a welcome developement that Weglot is venturing into e-commerce. The level of success recorded within a year has been phenomenon and it is not looking as though they would slowed down either.


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