1. Andrew

    I have used Weglot for testing purpose and got the limitation in words of translation. As I wrote about travel, so it was a lot of words need to be translated.

    The best thing I like from Weglot is the fast translating service and we can edit the words, just like WordPress, but on the contrast, I would like everything to be managed under WordPress Dashboard, which Weglot do not offer.

    However, having the e10000/mo is impressive as push user to pay for service is an art, really impressive with this number.


  2. Dimitri

    “People were reluctant to use a SaaS approach at first – they prefer to buy a piece a software even if it means no support,” Berda said.

    Thats really odd ;))

    Frankly to say, I use Poly on one of my pages and quite happy with it.

    I just checked the Weglot on the wp site and the video isn’t working because of the music in the vid and German restrictions :/


  3. Fabrizio

    Too expensive for a normal site getting more then two languages. 190 $ each year is almost the cost of a hosting.


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