Watch WordCamp Varna Wapuus Get Designed in Real Time

The very first WordCamp Varna will be held September 2-3 at the University of Economics. Varna is a beautiful city in Bulgaria on the Black Sea and a popular spot for summer holidays. It is the first Bulgarian WordCamp to be held outside of Sofia.

Tickets are on sale for EUR 10 (BGN 20) and include all the sessions, lunch, a #WCVAR 2017 T-shirt, and a few drinks at the after party. There are 102 remaining for the conference and 14 remaining tickets for the kids’ workshop (ages 7-14).

The location naturally inspired a maritime sticker pack collection for attendees, featuring four new wapuu designs. The collection was designed by the vector graphic illustrators at GraphicMama, a design partner for the WordCamp. Ever wonder how much effort goes into designing all the individualized creations in the world of wapuus? Check out the video below to see how WordCamp Varna’s wapuu designs were brought to life.

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  1. Does anybody know what they’re using to put these together? I’m assuming it’s some kind of drawing pad but I’m curious which one they use.


    1. Hello, Howdy_McGee!
      Nick here from GraphicMama.
      I used Wacom Cintiq Pro and Adobe Illustrator to create the Wapuus.

      All the best,


    2. Looks like standard Adobe Illustrator to me. While they could be using a wacom, it could just as easily be just a mouse.


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