1. Sally G

    This looks very useful, thanks for the notice.


  2. Christian Zumbrunnen

    Thanks for the review, Justin

    I also like the simplicity of the Plugin and I’m sure it’s getting additional features over time. Your proposal to add some form of taxonomy (label, tags, status) and make it possible to show the label besides the title and the description as separate column independently would be great. But then it’s getting more of a checklist then a description and there are already plugins out there that do an excellent job of this, eg. Pre-Publish Checklist by Brainstorm Force or PublishPress Checklists. Both of them allow their use on other post types. But if other post types will show the “description” is another story. In my tests with Sugar Calendar (Lite) and Seriously Simple Podcasting they didn’t show up. It’s likely that would work in some simple post types (it surely does for pages).

    Looking forward to updates.
    Besides the “labeling system” with tags I’d like to see an option to add checklists directly in the description. That would be more flexible than a fixed checklist per post type as it’s done with other checklist plugins.


    • Tom de Visser

      Thanks, Christian, super helpful feedback! I really want to keep the plugin as simple as possible, but you can expect: choosing your own color for the important states, optional separation for states/description, support for custom post types. :)


  3. Tom de Visser

    Thanks for the spot-on review, Justin! I did not expect that for my first plug-in. :)

    You really read my mind. I was just trying to make it as simple as possible, as I love lightweight plug-ins that do just the thing you want them to do without adding extra functionality.

    I’m also planning on separating the post states from the longer descriptions, but I haven’t figured out the best way to do this yet. I might make an extra checkbox that lets you decide if you want to separate the state from the description, and if not you’ll have the description in both places.


    • Justin Tadlock

      These type of lightweight plugins are my favorite, and I always like to highlight interesting projects here on the Tavern when I get the chance. Great work! And, I hope to see more from you in the future.


  4. Bren Murphy

    Great addition. I like simple plug ins that make my workflow more meaningful. Adds “at a glance” functionality for small teams.


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