1. The Clear Evidence

    Thanks for sharing this information, any idea if a certificate will be offered after successfully completing the course?


  2. Bradley Allen

    I just completed this course, which I learned about here on the Tavern. The course creator put a lot of work into creating it. I have a lot of experience with WordPress, so most of it was a review for me.

    The course goes beyond the ins and outs of WordPress, and helps people practice building a site for a small business. For example, it was nice to have guidance on using an active voice.

    Unfortunately, there was too much of a focus on using SiteGround and their tools. Some of the content needs to be updated, especially the section focused on using Jetpack. The course basically assumes that Jetpack is part of WordPress core.

    The course seems to have been created in 2019. It briefly mentions the Block Editor, however students are instructed to install and use the Classic Editor. In the discussion sections, people are helping each other and expressing appreciation for this learning opportunity. Overall, it was a good course.


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