1. Steven Weber

    Thanks Justin, for sharing the story of Ujwal Thapa 💖✨💕


  2. Jill Sardella

    We need more people like Ujwal. Not just for the WordPress Community, but for the world. 💖🌏💗


  3. Fahim Murshed

    RIP, Ujwal :(
    Miss you…


  4. Sakin Shrestha

    Thanks a lot for the detailed write-up. Rest in peace Ujwal dai.

    I cannot believe and I am still in shock. This is one of the saddest movements of my life. Ujwal dai is my dear friend like a big brother, co-worker, leader, and mentor. We have done so many things together and he is one of the nicest and fearless people I have met in my life.

    This is really one of the dark days for all the Nepalese. He has contributed a lot to the WordPress community, entrepreneurship, and Nepali politics.

    You were the most amazing person and light of my life. I will miss you more than words can say. Rest in peace.


  5. bipin

    True Justin, Ujwal who lived a simple life always was definitely provoker, believer and idol for lots of IT career followers in Nepal. He will be missed but shall be in our heart forever.


  6. Chandra Maharzan

    Ujwal Thapa was an initiator of many things here in Nepal and an inspiration for thousands of youths. He was in the belief that even if opportunists comes and grabs credits for his work, he was happy because what matters was the end result and it was achieved no matter who takes credit. He did a lot of things from entrepreneurship to politics and pushing youths to change the country and remained mostly behind the scenes. This is why he has been loved by so many within the country. A true leader yet invisible.

    Long live Ujwal Thapa.


  7. Ganga Kafle

    Rest in peace dai.
    Thank you so much for everything.


  8. Tony Zeoli

    Wow, what an amazing WordPress evangelist, activist, mentor, and guide. This is a huge loss for Nepal and the WordPress community in general. I didn’t know of him, so thank you for letting us all know about this innovator’s life and contributions to the WordPress community and the Nepalese community he served.


  9. Prabhu Ganesan

    Rest in peace Ujwal Thap. Failure is part of life. Ujwal’s failure will teach lessons to the community they build and we also get useful lessons.


  10. Niresh Shrestha

    Rest in peace Ujwal Thapa. What a Great personality and mentor. Your presence will be missed in every sector you have been involved in.


  11. Karl Smid

    Thank you Justin for this obituary and letting us know about the amazing work Ujwal Thapa started. And, thank you for keeping WordPress human. As a new recruit to the WordPress community, this reinforces the word “community”.

    His memory will continue in Nepal. My condolences to his immediate family and his WordPress family.


  12. simon

    Rest in peace , a leader with vision. A big loss to Nepal.


  13. Elebril

    A sad, yet inspiring story. It shows that with the right leader every business can change peoples’ lives for the better and offer new opportunities. The world needs more people like Mr. Thapa.


  14. Mahesh Pathak

    Ujwal Thapa brought me to WordPress which has been my career now. WordPress Nepal as a community and we Nepalese WordPress developers and designer will always remember you for everything you have done.

    Miss you Ujwal dai.


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