1. Rao Abid
    · Reply

    Hi Justin,

    I have downloaded the zip and installed on my local dev environment. I see most of the things are now built with theme.json. For instance, the color setting by theme author is set under settings.color.pallete
    in the pallet, there is a ‘foreground’ set to color ‘#374AC8’. This color is what used to be an ‘accent’ color in the past.

    Is there any way the user could change that color? There used to be a customizer setting for such things in the past to change accent color?
    Will there be a way to change these settings in the future?
    Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for shedding some light on this.


  2. Iqbal
    · Reply

    I just found it today when I search “Anders Noren” on the themes directory. It’s super awesome feeling to see another new theme from him! I was wondered if this theme will also come to the WordPress.com themes directory.


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