1. Anh Tran

    I saw this on Twitter on Saturday. This is a great package from the theme team. Better performance, better privacy!


  2. benjamin

    That is really cool.


  3. Andreas Nurbo

    This looks like a great idea. It would be a great improvement if this made it in to core when it’s more mature.


  4. Franklin Tune

    I like this idea, if it can be handled securely and ethically. There seems to be a few trap doors in this proposal, I kind of liked the idea of Google fonts actually.


  5. Erik Joling

    Thanks to the Themes Team, and Ari Stathopoulos in particular. I really appreciate his efforts on making WordPress more privacy- and ecofriendly*. https://wptavern.com/new-carbon-offset-plugin-aims-to-make-wordpress-sites-more-eco-friendly


  6. Giorgos Sarigiannidis

    I’ve tried it on a few sites and it seems to work as expected. It also improved the PageSpeed Score by 3-4 points. Nice job!

    The only issue that I came up with, was that if you download the woff2 fonts and then decide to add the woff parameter (or vice-versa), fonts will not get updated accordingly unless you manually delete the newly created fonts folder (I already submitted the issue on GitHub).

    FYI, for my convenience, I’ve included it in a helper plugin that I use (https://wordpress.org/plugins/slash-admin/) so if someone wants to play with it without messing with the code, can give it a try (The related option is under Tools / Slash Admin / Frontend / Fonts)


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