1. Carolann Iadarola

    I love fun and creative blocks! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Robert Trevellyan

    I don’t see mushroom for this kind of frivolity on the modern web …


  3. Gary Taylor

    There is creativity in WordPress, but sometimes a lack of artistry and downright fun. I was about to write that I can’t think of a use for any of these blocks – but Guidepost would be useful on a documentation site, PS on a charity site, Fancy Links for a link to a guest post author’s site… It just needs one person to have that spark to set the rest of us of ;-)


  4. Paul Davidson

    Love this! And the mushroom cap! Been soaking up design vibes from The Outline recently, which has a similar nostalgic Geocities thing happening. https://theoutline.com


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