1. Tony Zeoli

    Great post, Jeff. Very thorough and detailed. Love reading your posts. Very informative.

    I don’t have any specific notification center ideas outside of the ones you propose.

    My problem is, I’m building a WordPress Multisite network with WPMUDEV plugins and I need to make sure that all blog owners do not see WordPress updates in their individual site admins. Something I’m looking at and asking the WPMUDEV folks if they have a solution for it. It’s not actually a problem just yet. Just anticipating it might be as I do more product dev on this project.


  2. Thomas

    I think a centralized notification area is a great idea. Like you stated, it would free up the user from having to click in different areas to turn them off.

    I think a great area to put this in would be by the help button, possibly right next to it. If there are any notifications, then the button would change color, prompting the user to click on it, opening the area, listing any notifications.


  3. David

    Thanks for the follow-up. It seems that YOAST made some adjustments in recent versions regarding their notices and I now get fewer and they don’t display at subscribers’ screens anymore.

    I thus deleted the code in functions.php that was hiding all of them. Surprisingly, the warning about hypothetical conflict with other plugins, such as Google XML Sitemaps, also disappeared for my own dashboard.


  4. John Jr

    Hello Jeff Chandler,

    A centralized WordPress notification center sounds like an acceptable idea to me, thank you for starting a discussion about this, and thank you for featuring me in one of your screenshots; I guess that I can now say that I was Featured On WP Tavern :D , my 15 minutes of fame, hehehe. ;)

    -John Jr


  5. Weston Ruter

    See also #35210: Add notification area to Customizer


  6. Anthony Hortin

    I raised a trac ticket about 7 mths ago suggesting automatic expiry of notifications after a certain period as a suggestion to tackle the abuse of notifications and so that they don’t constantly fill up your Dashboard, but it was promptly closed. #34003


  7. Marcus Downing

    This should absolutely be a part of WordPress. The WP Notification Centre plugin is nice, but there are some benefits that are only available if functionality is in core.


  8. Chip Bennett

    I am totally NOT okay with what Redux framework is doing. I would argue to disallow the framework for Themes hosted in the official directory, if the framework is hiding ad removal behind a commercial paywall.

    At the very least, if anyone wants it, I’ll release a free Plugin that removes the ads from Redux framework.


    • Peter Cralen

      Use a plugin to hide crap is like put shit under the carpet. People who are not satisfied with plugin/theme should not use it and support that. Change for something that fit a needs more.

      There are many helpful plugins/themes without junk.
      There is no one reason why to stick with Yoast, W3Cache, monster, hipster and things like that.

      Why anybody thing that if the developer put crap in front of your face, that he use something different inside of that code/service/communication.


  9. Zulfikar

    I was kinda thrown off when the second paragraph is titled “Themes Do It Too” then jumped straight in to the Redux Framework which is not a theme!

    At the TRT we take axception to notices generated by a theme in that they are limited to a specific location and are dismisable. The problem I’ve noticed with some themes is that the dang thing keeps popping up every now and then no matter how many times you dismiss it.

    If I was to make the decision on the matter I would push for no “Notices” period! Have pointers/information for your product? Put a single link to your site where the user can get the information they need.

    Putting/shifting these notices to a designated “Center” will soon become a “mess”.


  10. Benny

    I (think I) prefer how admin notices currently work because they give direct (important) feedback to users.

    It sounds to me that the most important reason one would prefer a notification center is because some developers misuse/abuse this important feature and are in need of some kind of notification spam box?

    I wonder if such notification center would increase the number of support tickets because users missed the notifications?

    I would rather like to see that plugin authors stop (or are made to stop) with this unwanted practice.

    Maybe it should be possible for a user to mark a notification as spam and block any notifications from the offending plugin from that moment on? In that case there must be a way for the user to find out which plugin is spamming them. Maybe in that case the spammy notification should become visible in some kind of spam box and of course there should be a way to unblock a plugin (maybe always after an update)?

    Just some ideas … I am clearly not 100% sure what would be the best solution …


    • David

      Benny’s comment is spot on. Important notifications should not be hidden, and stuff like “Plugin X has been updated to 3.2.1. Click here to see what’s new.” is clearly not *important*. These are the ones we are annoyed with.


  11. Katie Keith

    Great idea! Admin notices are very over-used and really take over the WordPress admin. Theme and plugin authors think their theme or plugin is the most important thing in your life, but they’re not in a position to judge. Even a seemingly important notice, for example one that appears when you activate the theme or plugin, can end up being irrelevant – e.g. it may have been intended for people to see when they first activate the theme or plugin, but end up annoying people who are just temporarily disabling things for testing purposes. A central notifications center would even out the playing field and stop plugin authors from competing to have the most prominent notice. It would bring the admin back to what it should be – a place to edit and maintain your WordPress website, not somewhere to be distracted with unimportant clutter.


  12. Greg Hyatt


    This was an amazing post. I listened in about this on the podcast that you and Marcus released. I just installed the wp notifications center plugin and immediately it grabbed those nagging updates and notifications and put them exactly where they need to be.

    However, I do wish that there was a way to limit or exclude those notifications from even appearing. Certainly something that both plugin and theme developers should include in their plugins and themes to be able to turn off.

    Thanks for bringing this to the forefront. I will be installing this plugin on all of my client’s sites.


  13. ErumM

    I get an error saying headers already sent and I don’t get the link to notifications area in the header.


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