1. Peter Shaw
    · Reply

    So many good speakers and for some reason this unremarkable talk is selected for an article.


  2. Scott Latimore
    · Reply

    A great revelation to have, Justin. Narrative even guides some of the more scientific examples you cite.

    What you wrote about narrative articulated something for me. When I’m looking for a theme, I’m always on the hunt for an easy way to tell the story of the site. I want the theme to be rugged and able to withstand some years on the web, but that other part, the storytelling, is paramount to me. So, is it a project page, a big hero image? What is the best way to convey particular content. Good post, an important one.


  3. Kevin
    · Reply

    FYI, those links in Chris’s presentation (which are too tiny to read) are:


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