1. Oliver

    Thank you for reviewing Michelle and for your words, Justin!

    I agree with you that 67 block patterns is a bit of an overkill, especially for the current UI of the block patterns selector. Building the theme demo website I decided to put all the sections that are a bit more challenging to create into a block pattern. Users can basically recreate any demo page without importing actual demo content now. I don’t plan to add any more block patterns any time soon :)

    As for the starter content and WordPress.org theme preview, this is a great and welcome feature introduced at themes repository. I’m a bit sad the starter content functionality was put on hold to give space to more important projects in WordPress. But just to complete your information, there are actually more discrepancies in WordPress.org theme preview in comparison to actual starter content functionality and I’ve let WordPress Meta team know about this already.


  2. Dave

    I’m amazed this is a free theme. It looks and performs so much better (in the demos anyway) than many commercial themes. Excited to give it a try on one of my sites.


  3. Li-An

    Very nice theme but I cannot find any information about the footer concept. Well, let’s see the forum.


    • Oliver

      Thank you, Li-An.

      The theme’s footer displays credits information always (being a free theme I like to keep me as an author credited as you might understand). Above that the theme displays your custom footer built with reusable blocks functionality in block editor (Gutenberg). The options to set this up should be self explanatory, but in case of further assistance, please contact me at support forum.

      BTW, there is a couple of “Footer” block patterns available in the theme too. Just search “Footer” when browsing block patterns.


  4. Lukasz

    Solid theme, it’s built on top of Justin Tadlocks Mythic starter theme and the very performant wprig theme https://wprig.io/

    Meaning it will be lightning fast, accessible, extendable, seo optimized…etc


    • Oliver

      To avoid any confusion and provide more details, the code is actually a mashup of 3 codebases: mostly my own accessibility ready code framework I’m constantly improving over the years, Justin’s Mythic and WP Rig. So, this is not specifically a Mythic code, nor a WP Rig code. It really is a custom mashup. (To complicate thing more, my previous code was based on Underscores starter theme too, so I guess you can still find that one in there too :) )

      I studied Mythic and WP Rig couple of years ago when I was moving towards modern PHP7+ object oriented programming only.

      So, for any code modifications, it’s the best to ask for help at support forum.

      The theme also uses Theme Hook Alliance action hooks (as all of my themes do).

      And you are correct, the theme is indeed speed and SEO optimized, accessibility ready and fully extendable and modifiable.


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