1. Noumaan Yaqoob

    I like the idea behind Tagregator, will give it a try. As for Page Showcaser Boxes I think many users would like to use it on landing pages. Lastly, I think some users would really love the unique cursor plugin :) I miss the golden days of the web when personal pages were so much fun.


  2. Marcus Couch

    @Noumaan Yaqoob -I seem to recall a beer mug mouse cursor out there, but I wouldn’t want to give Jeff any ideas!


  3. David Bisset

    Tagregator was based off WPArmchair’s concept (wcsf.wparmchair.com for example) and i’m looking forward to seeing this plugin progress on WordCamp sites which was the whole point of me coding WPArmchair in the first place (which i’ll be throwing on Github in the coming days). The WP 10th Anniversary site was the first display of the code, if anyone recalls. :)


  4. Marcus Couch

    @David Bisset – I did not know about Armchair. Have you made it freely available in the repository? I’ve searched for it but cannot locate it.


  5. George Stephanis

    Totally not the official one, but I kicked this out last weekend, if anyone would like to tinker with it further:



  6. Peter Shilling

    Marcus thanks for reviewing the plugin!


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