1. kel

    Yes – now toss in beta jQuery, CSS3, and a touch of conditionals via XSI and then you’re talking “leading, bleeding razor’s edge” software.

    It’s all good if you really want to (and can) devote that time to a project (or have a client willing to play/pay along) just in time to find out that they missed a launch deadline. But what happens if there’s a truly serious security flaw or something that wipes database info for example? For me, I’ve always got some sandbox playground to learn what’s going on with new tech etc – but I’m always cautious to test the “leading bleeding” on paying client work.

    Let’s see more post of what you’ve learned – both in software and lessons :)


  2. kel

    also – I like the overall dark design here on WPTavern – might want to add some padding in the comments though.


  3. Vix

    I tend to use bleeding-edge software on sandbox sites – just to play around with it. But if you can keep up with the pace of development for patching bugs then why not?!


  4. Brad

    @Kel yeah I’m always upfront with a client who wants to use bleeding edge software and realistic with them. There is definitely a high risk in using such software but sometimes the benefits out way the risk. I just make sure to triple check my backup plans on these sites so in case of a meltdown I’m ready!


  5. Ryan

    Alpha and beta on top of beta … sounds like my worst nightmare :P Good luck!


  6. Brad

    @Ryan you can remove one of those betas now since WPMU 2.7 final was just released. Still an interesting experience


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