1. Chris Coyier

    This was an insta-buy from me. Although the pricing feels on the high-side for what seems like fairly basic functionality.

    I didn’t even realize until seeing this how much I wanted that admin bar gone. I really like the ability to edit the post I’m looking at, and a quick way to jump to the dashboard and create new things, but that’s about it. This minimal UI is extremely ideal.

    I’ve already written override CSS for my install to move it to the bottom right corner, as that left middle place way too obtrusive for me, so that seems like a good feature to offer.


  2. Nathan Wrigley

    This is a great little plugin and, although people who work with WordPress frequently will not have a problem with the regular admin bar, first time users and clients can find it a little difficult to get used to.
    I also like the fact that if you hit the ‘edit’ icon, you end up in the interface that you need. So if I’ve used the Block Editor, I end up there, if it’s a Page Builder, it launches that instead. I have had so many calls from clients who have created content in different interfaces and then click on the wrong edit link and get themselves confused. So this assists with that very nicely!


  3. Leho Kraav (:lkraav :macmaN)

    Query Monitor integration is a must-have.


  4. Puneet Sahalot

    This is a witty solution and a good replacement for the admin bar. Until now, the admin bar has been an eyesore for me.

    I would like to see some toggle icon to expand/collapse the action buttons panel. May be, placing it at the bottom of the page will be a better idea.


  5. Jon Brown

    I’m all for folks trying to reinvent the old and clunky wp dashboard! Looks interesting and reminds me a lot of Assistant that the Beaver Builder folks built for WordCamp Orange County’s Pluginpaloza last year. https://assistantforwp.com/ and https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com/assistant-takes-first-place-in-wordpress-ocs-plugin-a-palooza-competition/


  6. Ciprian Popescu

    Should offer the possibility of displaying the regular admin bar for admins and the custom one for non-admins.

    Should also offer the possibility of customizing the admin bar on a per-user basis. For example, two admins, one is the developer, the other one is the client.


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