1. طراحی سایت

    this ssl is for all sucuri customers ? or only paid customers ?

    i think Sucuri make this offer only for paid and premium members


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Outside of these scenarios, HTTPS is not as critical.

    It may not be as critical, but I still consider it critical, even for simple static websites. https is the only usable method we have to prevent editing of content between server and browser.


  3. Cody Lueck

    I do agree with Daniel Cid when he says that, “not everyone needs HTTPs enabled.” However I still recommend to all of my clients who are participating in an SEO campaign that they do install an SSL. The slight preference that Google gives to SSL websites is worth the investment alone.


  4. Matt

    For better than I could put it on why it’s important to encrypt as much as possible, see this essay by Bruce Schneier:



  5. Khoi Nguyen

    Do you know: Sucuri has different packages for non-SSL: and SSL. If you used SSL, it has higher price :) Simply!


  6. Magwinya Wired

    Great news! Let’s Encrypt is gaining momentum in the SSL HTTPS space.


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