1. Jessie

    I to have been getting them. I figure that when the club was set up, they were using some kind of auto billing system. And that the software is still running on the webserver.


  2. Christina Warren

    Yeah, this happened to me before the expiration date of my sub in February or whatever. I got a reminder (and this was after I got my refund) and made sure I had deleted and unenrolled in the subscription in PayPal to make sure nothing would get drained out of my account. Nothing is there that ties me to the system other than my e-mail in a database, but it was still something I definitely checked out.

    Like you said, DO NOT pay. Ignore, make sure it is deactivated and deleted from your PayPal account’s subscription area and don’t visit any part of the site.

    This was part of my initial fear after the site was taken over — that it was just a ploy to try to get PayPal subs funds or to data mine the e-mail addresses of people who signed up for the club. The first option doesn’t look like it was a technical feasibility, but the second option is still probable — all someone would need to do would be to dump the table that contains the subscriber e-mails in whatever database the auto-bill system stored, and that would be that.

    That’s kind of shady — and definitely puts people who paid $5 (which is nothing, I realize — and I said that then and still stand by that — I’ve wasted more on stuff just as useless) in good faith for a theme club in a position where their e-mail and PayPal IDs are given over to a third party. That’s not cool, and I don’t care if the themes club was part of the original sale, more should have been done to either disable the payment autobill system or encrypt the addresses and other info.


  3. Jeffro

    @Jessie – Yeah, sounds like a Paypal auto renew reminder thing they have setup. That should have been turned off when the refunds were dished out.

    @Christina Warren – Valid points and good criticism. Just seems more and more like someone over their has a sort of malicious intent.


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