1. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah
    “Relative URLs”
    Takes me back to good old html / CSS websites and boy did they load fast!


  2. rahul286

    I really liked – “Nice Search – (/search/query/)”

    It will make search result pages nginx fastcgi-cache friendly. :-)


  3. Theresa Nan (@visnetmedia)

    Hi Can you please tell me how to use this on a child theme or even the main theme because I can’t get it to work at all. I am testing on my local server. I downloaded the Soil package and put it into my plugins – activated it and then added the details to my child theme function and it didn’t work so then I tried it in the main theme and it will remove most wordpress generator stuff but not the body class or anything else. When you say “unpack/rename folders as necessary” what are you meant to rename? Thanks I would really like this to work.


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