1. Andrei Chira

    It looks good but I don’t think the problem that it’s supposed to solve is that big that you would need a managed solution for it.


  2. christophermccoy

    is this like the sellwire system?


  3. logikal16

    Marketplace fees are high because you’re paying for exposure. As anyone entering the plugin development business can attest to, marketing is probably the hardest part.

    That being said, SellWP seems like a neat service and I hope it succeeds. I think the biggest hurdle is adjusting the fees model to compare more favorably to Easy Digital Downloads + Software Licensing add-on.


  4. John Turner

    Thanks the write up Jeff and for the feedback everyone.

    I’m not familiar with Sellwire so I’m not sure.

    Yeah, this may change to a monthly subscription. Collecting feedback from users during the beta and this seems to be the consensus.

    I use it to sell my product so it was being built anyway, I don’t expect it nor intend for it to be my main product. I released it because it was a problem for me when I first started selling my plugin and figured others may find it useful.

    I just wished I could of outsourced the aspect of the ecommerce, license and membership management. There were lots of ways to sell digital downloads, but none dealt with the nuisances of managing the customer after the sale. So being a developer I built it.

    EDD had not been built when I first started selling my plugin, I remember Pippin was working on it. And for the record I think EDD is an awesome product, I just had a different approach.


  5. Janek

    If I understand correctly the actual fee per transaction is 1.9% + 2.9% + 15c + 30c.

    The tiny font used for “Per Charge in addition to the Stripe Fee” makes me suspicious. I like the features but why do they try to obfuscate the real cost?


  6. Janek

    The set of features is really impressive and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Licensing an auto updates are definitely the ones I like the best.

    I know that it not supposed to be a marketplace but since it sells only WP products a simple search option would make it more attractive.


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