1. George Stephanis

    I think we’ve dubbed this variant “Wapuunk” :)


  2. Manolo Macchetta

    The idea of a Kawaii sponsor for Wp is a great idea. the logo is cool and biz oriented… but too cold :-)


  3. Simon Wheatley

    I am biased, as I work with Scott, but IMO this year’s WordCamp London had the strongest branding and design of any WordCamp I’ve seen. fighting talk


  4. Scott Evans

    Thanks for the interview and kind words! It is lovely to see so many positive comments about the design and swag we created for WordCamp London 2015.

    The whole organising team worked really hard to bring everything together for the event and to see everyone had a great time makes it all worth while.

    A pull request has been made to the Wapuu archives so with any luck that will be accepted soon. We are also putting together a small media pack with desktop wallpapers and it will be available on the WordCamp London site soon.

    Thanks again! x


  5. Andy M.

    Can we get Wapuu plushies made? :P


  6. Andonette Wilkinson

    Love it! – I have just completed the one for Manchester 2015! Can’t wait to see it in action


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