1. Deborah

    Thanks for the extensive review of Gravity Forms. I’ve been looking at GravityForms for over a year, but issues with their form accessibility have prevented me from using it.

    My understanding is that the recent version allows you to disable the tabindex, is that correct? Also, is the reCAPTCHA required?


  2. Carl Hancock

    What issues involving form accessibility are an issue? The forms don’t have any major accessibility issues that I am aware of.

    While tabindex can’t be disabled from the admin tool, it can be disabled via an API hook by adding a line of PHP to your functions.php file. Most users want tabindex which is why it is on by default. Tabindex can be customized via an API hook to adjust the tabindex order or you can choose to turn it off completely.

    Of course reCAPTCHA isn’t required. It’s just one of many field types. If you don’t want to use reCAPTCHA, you don’t have to use reCAPTCHA. None of the field are required. The forms are customizable so that only the fields you want to use appear on your form.


  3. kevin

    Any reason you haven’t asked these questions on our forums. I’m sure you’re aware by now that there’s a pre-sale questions section that’s open to anyone. We’ll be happy to answer your questions there and others will get the benefit of seeing the answers as well.



  4. David

    And those two comments right there are why people SHOULD buy Gravity Forms. :) Support is bar-none the best I’ve ever received for any product. Let alone a plugin for WP.


  5. Robert Dempsey

    I use Gravity Forms on all of my sites and it is freaking awesome. It takes literally less than 10 minutes to go from plugin install to creating a form to embedding it on a page to writing custom emails and being done. Pure awesome and more than worth the money. Can’t really speak to the support as I’ve never had to use it :)


  6. Deborah


    As you know, since I tweeted to you several times last night, I sent messages to the Gravity Forms contact form.

    The pre-sales forum wasn’t something I saw on the Gravity Forms site since it’s displayed at the bottom of a long page. I visited the Forums page, saw the search box, and entered my query.

    Results of the query were many forum posts I couldn’t access since the posts were only available to those people who own licensed copies. I chose not to pay money to see the answers and sent a message via the contact form and then sent tweets.


    “Of course reCAPTCHA isn’t required.” From my search on the Gravity Forms public facing site, there’s not information that reCAPTCHA isn’t required. Perhaps I missed it. If it’s highlighted on the public facing site, can you point me to the page?

    I was told twice last night on Twitter that reCAPTCHA was required; I only had the choice of choosing which skin could be used. After several more follow up tweets by me, I was finally told reCAPTCHA could be disabled, but not in the admin.


  7. Carl Hancock

    @Deborah – What you asked on Twitter is what options there were on reCAPTCHA *AND* if tabindex could be disabled. We said the only options on the field is which skin/color you want to use and that tabindex CAN be disabled but not in the admin. So you must be confusing the answers to your two questions.

    Either way we never said reCAPTCHA was required. NO field is required on a form. A form is made up of whatever fields you decide to add, that includes captcha. If you don’t want captcha on a form, you don’t add it to the form. Your form only consists of the fields you add.

    What you were told could not


  8. Martin

    I use Gravity Forums on 4 of my sites and will never use any other form plugin again.

    * Simple to use

    * Heaps of features to suit my needs.

    * Plenty of updates for new features, bug fixes etc

    * Great support (Carl even setup a test form showing me how a certain form would look even before purchasing GF).

    * No other forms plugin matches GF by a mile!

    Been using it since it’s release….


  9. Erik

    I bought the product shortly after it was offered, and loved it so much that I recommended it for a client website that my company was asked to help out with. When I had a support issue regarding CSS formatting in the sidebar, I received immediate help. This product is very polished and I really cannot recommend it enough. It’s so nice to pay a reasonable price for something and really feel like you are getting an awesome value in return.


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