1. Ryan Hellyer

    Excellent! I wrote something almost identical to this a while back, but it was buggy and I hadn’t gotten around to optimising it yet. Just always writes briliant code, so I might just need to fork Justin’s code instead of fixing my own :)


  2. Sergej Müller

    The idea of Antispam Bee.


    • Justin

      Actually, the two plugins are very different and fight spam for different things. My plugin is for user registration spam. The other plugin is for comment spam.


  3. Justin Kopepasah

    Very cool tool. Spam is a… well, you know.

    Love the name too, very fitting. Bots are like Winnie the Pooh.


  4. Chris Cree

    The simple solutions are usually the best. This plugin should go right up there with Cookies for Comments.


  5. Justin

    Sarah, thanks for the writeup. You actually found more to say about the plugin than I could in the plugin announcement post. I’ve been successfully using a less-polished version of this plugin for a couple of years on a few sites. It’s worked well for me so far. I hope some other folks get some use out of it.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Between this, Cookies For Comments and Akismet, you’ve got to be dealing with little to no spam!


      • Ryan Hellyer

        Usually. I’ve seen some sites which get slammed even with that setup. If you throw in WP Hashcash, it kicks out a few more too, although in that situation you should use my plugin instead, as it combines Cookies for Comments and WP Hashcash into a single plugin which is slightly more efficient, since they don’t launch their payloads separately … http://wordpress.org/plugins/spam-destroyer/

        Thankfully most bots are stupid and rely on the site having very little protection, but more aggressive ones can bypass these (as Otto calls them) “sporting methods”. At that point you are in spam hell and the best I’ve come up with is to use a CAPTCHA. Thankfully even a very basic CAPTCHA has been enough to stop all the spam I’ve seen, but I’m guessing more heavily targeted sites would need to jump through a lot of hoops to block the bots.


  6. Jeff Freeman

    Going to have to give this plugin a try. Great feedback given here in the comments guys. Keep it up. :)


  7. Mark K

    Thanks for the plugin. Since our site will not have additional users self registering, in addition to this plugin I have changed the new user process to require a 600 character password. I’ll see if that stops the bogus new user registrations.


  8. Mr MakingUsmile

    I definitely need to try something new. I installed mailgun plugin to verify the email accounts are active. My captcha is only setup for 4 numbers as a requirement. Wish me luck


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