1. Chip Bennett

    This is pretty awesome news. Nice work, to both development teams!


  2. Ahmad Awais

    I think it is a pretty good move. It is the right thing to do. Dovy is up to something what we all want.


  3. Kel

    Is Import/Export settings included? (I didn’t see it) If not, this has been helpful to me in the past – https://wordpress.org/plugins/customizer-export-import/


  4. aristath

    it’s not included yet… but it’s on our TODO list. :)


  5. Devin Walker

    Really good stuff. I love to see two separate entities coming together for a good cause and helping other developers out in the process. Kudos!


  6. Rohit Tripathi

    Redux was a Great Framework. Brilliant User interface and Developer Friendly. I am going to miss using it.


    • Dovy

      Redux isn’t gone! It will support the customizer soon enough. We are, however, working together with Kirki to have a customizer only solution. :)


  7. Jeazy

    That is great to hear that Redux and Kirki will work together on this.

    When I read about the TRT new requirement my first thought was Kirki. The developers are great in both frameworks.


  8. riesurya

    Love Redux since its born :)
    Playing with Redux is more than saving time, is fun. Kirki is awesome one for customizer.
    Thanks for Dovy and Aristath both great combi work.


  9. Ted

    A bit late to the conversation here, but I think it would be great if Kirki and Redux were core features built into WP.


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