1. Geraldine

    Was the version you designed responsive?


  2. richard Ginn

    Yep… You used the Editor Plus plugin as default Gutenberg just does not have the basic default functionality to pull what you did off yet.


    • Steve Grant

      Yeah, I was keen on Editor Plus until it got swallowed by Extendify (even though I’m sure they are a fine company).

      This is what happens if we start to rely on Gutenberg add-ons:

      Step 1: Add the free version because we want feature X
      Step 2: The free version adds a nag banner everywhere and we look cheap to our clients
      Step 3: We purchase the “Pro” version
      Step 4: The Pro version adds a bunch of stuff we don’t want, so we unhook it all in our theme functions.
      Step 5: The Pro version subscription price is raised by 500% and the team “promise to do better”
      Step 6: Enjoy supporting the walled garden you placed your clients inside.

      It’s the natural life cycle of WP Fremium products.
      So that’s why I stopped using Editor Plus as soon as they stepped onto this treadmill. I’ll only use core Gutenberg with additions I can confidently maintain myself.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Just for clarity, the block system makes this possible for theme authors to pull off. It is not currently possible via the user interface.


  3. Kel

    Seems like a great opportunity for the WordPress.org documentation / content team (!) to link up some more content about this and add it to https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/

    Is there also a YouTube channel for the visual folks to follow?


  4. Ron

    Hey Justin:

    I enjoyed the blog post. And, for the record, I like your design better.


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