1. Tom

    Thank you for bringing up and discussing this topic.
    I don’t know the Redux plugin, so cannot say anything about its quality per se, but their above shown overlay solution for the block patterns inserter comes very close to what I would like to have for my own work — all categories in a narrow column on the left, with the main part of the overlay showing tabs like, e.g., “Sections” and “Templates” (both of these being part of a hopefully growing WordPress library) and then two tabs for “My Sections” and “My Templates”.
    Something along that way, and it will be a pleasure and no problem at all to quickly select the right choice among many hundreds of patterns.


  2. Mike McAlister

    With the Genesis Blocks plugin, we recognized early on the value of patterns and how they’d ultimately become the de facto way to build websites in the block era. We actually had a collection of patterns and a full screen pattern browser well before patterns officially landed in core! 😎

    Like everything with our approach, we decided to stay very close to core and use core components like the Modal and Tab Panel to create a better browsing experience. This allowed us to create a better pattern browser while giving us the option to adopt a core solution when it comes along.

    We’ve had great success with our pattern browser and continue to refine it based on customer feedback. Can’t wait to see what core comes up with!


  3. About Gutenberg

    The whole problem with Gutenberg is this crunching inside the sidebars of everything, including if you have a giant 38” monitor. It’s basically a multi click system intended for laptops and not people with desktop monitors. That’s the whole problem. Add the war on drag and drop by the leading devs and you got the recipe why so many people voted with one star ⭐️.


  4. Bastian

    The use of overlays has been suggested by some users on GitHub many times just to be turned down by core devs because “it’s not the WordPress way” or “we don’t care about what other editors do”, so don’t hold your breath.


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