1. Jeff Chandler

    I read this and wonder if the majority of people simply don’t care about owning their content. It seems more and more people have that mindset. There will always be a subsection that cares, but in this case, there weren’t enough to make Postcard a viable option.


    • Kyle Newsome

      I’m with you there. In fact, the people that I found most interested in paying for features of Postcard weren’t concerned with the content ownership so much as the distribution aspects compared to other services like Buffer and Hootsuite.


  2. Al Smith (@websage)

    Shame. I doubt that 80% even realize they do not ‘own’ the content they post on social sites… Sorry to see initiative like this ‘go down’ for lack of interest!


    • Sarah Gooding

      I think for so many it’s a matter of convenience. Perhaps they could be persuaded to care about owning their own content if there was a truly easy way to do it.


  3. Frode Håkonsen

    Building out the Jetpack sharing could possibly be a route to achieve some of the same?


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