1. Jesse

    “I never liked that it was a ____Daddy name. That was derivative of GoDaddy, and also gendered.

    ‘Poll’ in the name limited what they appear to do to just polls. Polls are a feature that didn’t differentiate them, now they have name w/ benefit: understanding your audience”

    Wanting to avoid association with GoDaddy is one thing, but a rebrand because one guy on the staff felt offended is bizarre.

    If nothing else is changing, all this does is water-down the clarity of the brand to sound like every other digital-something — when ultimately the primary product will still be “polls”…

    E.g. even “Non-Binary Fluid Polls” would still target the niche.


  2. Jeffrey

    Wow, the reason behind the change…


  3. Sé Reed

    I never used PollDaddy, specifially because of the name. The insinuation just wasn’t professional in my view. I heartily applaud this rebrand and look forward to ditching SurveyMonkey (yes, also because of the name).


  4. Dumitru Brinzan

    Just a quick note about the cost of this re-branding:

    “The CrowdSignal.com domain name was listed on domain sales platform Undeveloped.com with a $25,000 asking price prior to its transfer to Automattic.”


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