1. Matt Radford (@mattradford)

    There were also vulnerabilities discovered in WPML last week, which were patched. But unlike Pods and Yoast, the full details of the vulnerabilities have not been disclosed. This is not ideal.



  2. Julie @Niackery

    “All users are advised to update immediately.”

    No need. Pods has already been automatically updated :( Haven’t had the chance to disable auto-updates for plugins yet, so I’m not happy. At least with the Yoast plugin there were a few hours between the release and the auto-update, so I had the chance to do it myself. It seems like this went straight from release to auto-update, without any time for manual updates. Thank goodness I finally have some time today — auto-updates are scary!! When I signed in to update Pods, my dashboard wouldn’t load at first, but after a refresh it loaded fine. I suspect the auto-update to be the culprit, but really I have no clue… Did anyone else experience something like that?


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