1. BK
    · Reply

    Great interview! Looking forward to more.


  2. Samuel
    · Reply

    Inetressant. I’m a big fan of LEGO: small fundamental building blocks with which I can recreate all sorts of things. With a block can build a castle or a spaceship. What I don’t like: Ready-made spaceships with a few LEGO pieces on them. What I don’t like about Stackable: Why is there an extra block for cards or the header? That is superfluous. Actually it’s just a container and text in it. Only the basic building blocks would be necessary: A container and a header. I don’t need an extra block for that, patterns have to take care of that.

    But well: I understand the approach. Bloody beginners want to have everything fixed and ready. It only becomes problematic when the beginners want to have more flexibility. Then such ready-made blocks quickly reach their limits.

    For this reason I prefer to use GeneratorBlocks: With 4 blocks and dynmaic content you can do everything you want…


    • Benjamin Intal
      · Reply

      Hey Samuel. Thanks for the feedback! I understand what you mean, and this is actually something we want to address in our version 3 (I touched on this a bit in the podcast).

      We do have blocks that act as a single unit: buttons, headings, text, etc. and those which can be used for layouts like columns and containers. You bring a good point though that some more advanced users might just want the building blocks and not the pre-made sets. We want to cater to both though, so perhaps we can make this more apparent in the future.


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