1. Eric Karkovack

    It’s great to see some action being taken. This is not only a nuisance, it’s also potentially dangerous. Let users decide whether they do or don’t want to automatically update a plugin.


  2. Snerdey

    Smart move by the plugin team! Not everyone understands the importance of keeping a website updated. Indeed, it should be controlled and properly managed by a webmaster in order to keep the site working properly.

    Best is to customize your WordPress website and avoid overuse of plugins.


  3. Jason

    While most plugin developers are professional and are offering something valuable, it only takes a few malicious intent developers to destroy a site that may have taken years to establish. I know I have plugin conflicts and have to patch some files manually here and there, so if a random plugin updated itself and wiped out a hack and brought down a site, well I would fuming mad. It’s hard enough keeping track of known updates and potential issues. I wouldn’t wsnt to lose a day fixing something I never agreed to. With that said though, most of my sites have auto update enabled on everything, but a couple cannot be updated easily due to the potential conflicts from badly implemented codecanyon plugins that I was naively locked into by bad choices on my part.


  4. Fchaussin

    More generally, no plugin should change core options without admin user opt’in


  5. Brian Ott

    I am 100% on-board with this decision by the plugin team. No plugin developer should be able to update a site without the owners express consent. I maintain dozens of WordPress sites ans sometimes the smallest updates can bring great havoc. When I update I check all the sites after doing it to ensure it is good, with an auto update, you might find the site broken days or weeks after the auto update was applied. Not Good.


  6. Shawna Leigh

    Great job WordPress’ plugin team! Amongst others, I manage a great deal of WordPress websites and automatic updates are not something to take lightly. I feel for those millions of users that had potential site breaks and were forced to reach out for help. I try my best to keep my own clients informed about the importance of plugin updates, especially in today’s world. I’m excited that the plugin team has taken notice and action and appreciate the efforts put forth in creating such as wondering platform to work with.


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