1. Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte

    I don’t see so many differences with https://wpdevmetrics.com/ that I am using since various years


  2. Brian J. Link

    I’ve been tracking my plugins with a service called wpdevmetrics (https://wpdevmetrics.com/) for quite awhile now. They have a free plan if anyone wants to see how it stacks up against Plugin Rank.


  3. Greg Brown

    It is great that these services focus on helping plugin authors resolve support requests which is a non-trivial part of the ranking and completely under the control of the plugin author (unlike active installs).

    There are two things I see that they don’t seem to be highlighting:

    If the plugin tested version is more than one release out of date then the score starts reducing exponentially. Two versions out of date reduces the score by 12%.
    If the plugin is not translated, then it mostly won’t rank in non-English search results. English words do match, but the scoring is multiplied by 0.00001. There are a lot of services out there that provide translation.


  4. sajan kota

    This is useful of any plugin developers. The service offered is definitely not unique, as others have mentioned there are already other services like WPDevMetrics. Of course Plugin Rank is very useful in doing competitor analysis.


  5. joe

    many other services provide the same function, but it is much easier to be able to check your main keywords directly for the WP dashboard rather than going back and forward to another website to do so.
    but it still a cost to features ratio .. I think their start plan 9/m is suitable for small niches website and blogs where you can just track 5 keywords, but other plans I don’t think they are competitive at all


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